some day

All you people with motivational issues, nice to meet you. You there, the one without goals, me TOO. Need more monkeys but, that's the whole barrel?* I find myself in that situation a lot.

In The Beginning, of this long Thanksgiving weekend, I ran my first 5k. The remainder of the leftover-weekend was spent deliberating. I imagined a new job and began writing my article for Women's Health magazine - I don't work for them but, I may some day. I ran hills until I stopped - I'm not a runner but, I may be some day. I signed up for a second 5k three days after my first and I did not go - I'm not committed but, I may be some day.

Some day a motive. Some day a goal. Some day an exponential amount of barrels of monkeys.

In all my 'some day' rage from the weekend, I sent a note out to a woman who had an essay featured in Women's Health and followed that with hours of anticipation. She fell in to that - what I consider - insane group of people who run for fun. But she began her essay as I begin this story - she thought people who ran for fun were nuts. And yet there she went, training for 5 months before running a half marathon - crazy lady. Well, she replied and made a very good attempt at making me believe not that nothing is impossible, but rather that Impossible is Nothing.

And while her words are inspiring, I can't help but notice the focus is on what is POSSIBLE and not what is REALISTIC. Call me pessimistic, call me weak-spirited, unambitious, apathetic... I am not a motivational speaker. My feelings will not be hurt. But, and maybe this is a step for mankind in and of itself, I won't believe Impossible is Nothing until I've felt it with my own feet and lungs.

Some day.

*Mr. Potato Head "We need more monkeys!". Mrs. Potato Head "That's the whole barrel!".
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