fireplaces and iron ons

People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.
Albert Einstein

per some motivating friends and a personal itch, I have decided that days are easier spent working toward something rather than nothing at all. it is simply a matter of identifying what my something is. is it the moment I push the door open to leave work; is it eating my favorite baked chips without sharing a single one; yoodling under an underpass; waiting 355 days for my birthday, and then not doing anything; chopping my own wood.

last time I checked, there wasn't a load of fireplace-ready wood on my doorstop when I returned from a run. but my inner craze tells me I might just get an immediate result on my doorstop the day I push myself to do something I thought I could not.

so when should you plan on waking up too early on a weekend and putting on your KATHLEEN IS AWESOME t-shirt (or a homemade Flight of the Conchords one) just to stand out in the cold for an extended and boring period of time? not tomorrow. or next month. or the month after. in fact, given the look on my face after 3.1 miles, I'd say you have about 5 months or more to prep those shirts.

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