gold lions

I took a break from writing this weekend in order to let my fingers thaw after my run back on the last day of November 2007. that night, I ranted to my husband about my numb knuckles and the wind chill level and the lack of animal life due to it being colder than a witch's tit, and then the commercial break was over and back to watching the Mt. Everest reality show where climbers risk their lives to get to the top. psh. at least they have more than shorts and a t-shirt.


after my defrosting weekend of wine and chocolate, no exercise and just plain hibernation, I decided that since today is Monday I might as well plan on running - it just seemed appropriate to throw all the aspects of every day life that is unenjoyable on the previously established 'worst' day of the week. I also took the trash out, did the dishes, and some laundry for shits and giggles.

for fear of freezing to death, I brought a sweater and my nifty on-the-go iPod (I refuse to die to the sound of lions feasting on my cankles). my partner and I took off just before dusk and with every walking couple we passed I couldn't help but feel a bit more comfortable about the animals hunting us - surely they would eat the slower subjects first.

3 bunnies, 2 deer, and 4 slow walkers later and we're still alive... with 36 minutes of running behind us. maybe running in the woods isn't as scarey as I thought. maybe running isn't as scarey as I thought.

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