the science of elevation

I have spent the last week working on my alcohol tolerance and avoiding the shit food in rest areas off of highway 5. it has been quite a week off of everything I consider challenging and I have paid for it dearly.

I returned Wednesday evening from a 2 martini, 2 chardonnay, 4 cabernet sauvignon Christmas weekend. I feel I must mention, this was a 5200 ft Christmas weekend.

the trip there required a 10 hour drive whereas the return required an 8 hour drive - both of which I parched myself dry of water to save time on urination stops and bladder pressure. thus I have returned from this trip a drunken shriveled dehydrated human raisin.

never again.

I kicked myself in the ass and ran 3.5 miles the day after my return. followed by 3.2 the next day. today is my second day off in a row and tomorrow I have plans to hit the trail for 50 minutes. that's right folks. 50 minutes. I will be asking my husband to wait at my finishing point with a roll of TP to string across when he sees me turn the corner. my dog will be holding my medal, awaiting for me to take to the podium while I hum the national anthem to myself.

but I will not jump to conclusions. the truth is, I will have to run 130 minutes in order to feel.. accomplished. and when that happens, I'm driving to the top of the highest mountain with a bottle of Hess Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate.

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