moe. he. toes.

my teeth are quite sensitive today thanks to all my deliberating and lip biting over the weekend.
last Friday was my personal deadline to sign up for a race. it was my deadline to make my 'impossible' officially nerve-racking and stomach-churning. and well, I haven't signed up yet. but let me explain.
I hit a little avalanche of doubt. of maybe I-can't-do-it. of I-won't-wake-up-in-time-the-morning-of-the-race. of but-my-legs-will-fall-off. it's-too-cold. it's-too-hot. my-knees-won't-bend-today. my-blister-is-too-big.
well, you know what I say:
there's nothing a good ol' cocktail party can't solve.
numerous mojitos in to the evening and my friend that ran the Big Sur Marathon is urging me to sign up for a half. "you can do it! you can totally do it!" and, maybe it was the wine or - gawd - that shot of Patron that I just remembered but, I believed her and she seemed to believe in me.
so I think it is now time for you all to refer to "fireplaces and iron-ons".
and remember, if in doubt, throw a cocktail party!
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