after two dirty martinis, several sugary cookies, and some wine Saturday night I woke up Sunday with quite a hangover and a cold. football is the last thing I wanted to watch. so I turned on my spiffy red Nintendo DS - Brain Age 2. already, not a smart decision.

before I could begin my "Daily Lessons" it wanted to gauge the current age of my brain by way of a very complicated row-sham-bow. well let me tell you, a hangover and a cold in the morning automatically makes your brain 60 years older than it really is.

my disappointing brain age results convinced me this hangover and cold meant no run for me today. surely my 80 year old brain could not push my legs to go any faster than a staggering gait of a whiskey-drunken 82 year old.

but I had a date with a new running partner and I wasn't ok with letting her think I was a flake. I still have my pride.

so we met at the Campbell trail and after explaining my running rules (1. I don't talk with the exception of the Name Game 2. I run slow and 3. I may sound asthmatic but don't worry, I'm fine) we took off. and on this run I had more runners nonchalantly wave at me than on any other day. this is my reward after purchasing a running hat, getting comfortable with looking up rather than the ground 3 feet in front of me, and a running partner that owns practically the same running wardrobe as myself. it was awesome. to say the least.

we finished 4.1 miles in 40 minutes. yes I know, but it's ok. this is the furthest I've ever run in (ironically) one sitting.

PSH. I'd like to see an 80 year old do THAT!

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