I am lucky enough to have about a 2x20" view of a window in the distance from my quaint cubicle. I can see the tops of leafless trees.. and the white dense fog behind them. and I tell you this, I had a reminder pop up 15 minutes ago "Prep for run!". snoozed it. 10 minutes ago "Prep for run!". snoozed it. 5 minutes ago "Prep for run!". dismissed it.

as much as I love running in rain, in fog, in cold, I can't get myself up and out there in the midst of it all. I have been wondering.. what is wrong with me? this is the weather I thrive in.. it's depressing weather.. it's curl up on the couch with hot cocoa and a fire (or loud heater) weather.. it's "shut the door dammit!" weather..

and then it hit me. I'm not getting up and going because no one else is. everyone else made like bears and went in to hibernate mode. either that or they forgot to throw on their running shoes and after 36 minutes of running in leather slip-ons, is suffering from multiple blisters and knee pain.

this really dwindles down my possible list of enemies. lung capacity, mountain lions, asthma-like weezing, the name game have slowly been crossed off my list. and now I face solitude and I am at a stand still.

fuck this. I'll be back in an hour.
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