beep beep

for Christmas this year, my mom asked me for a simple watch that she can time her walks with. and by walks I mean, hauling-balls walks... not stroll-on-a-nice-day walks. I told her "fantastic! that's easy. you can trust me to do that."

well I received it in the mail yesterday. I decided to sit down and figure out all the fun little buttons before wrapping it. I took a look at the little 1 inch by 1 inch folded manual that Nike provided me and decided to take my chances with folding that dinky thing back together again the right way and unfolded it to reveal a butt load of watch button combinations and options. what have I gotten myself and my poor mother in to.

5 little buttons = a timed run and multiple lap tracking; saved data information on your best run, best lap, and average pace; interval timing; pace monitor; and of course, time. (and neat sounding little BEEP BEEP BEEP boop affects)

let me tell you, this thing was spiffy.

I took a glance at my poor little 2 year old Nike running watch on my wrist... dirty, and only H2O resistant for up to 50m (or down to I guess I should say). mom's new watch? 100m. she can't even swim. mine cannot track intervals for speed training. and I don't think mom will take up running any time soon - I mean, there's only so fast one can walk.

and before I could give myself any more selfish reasons to do a switch-a-roo, I took 15 minutes to fold that damn manual back up the right way, threw the watch back in the box, and wrapped it.

besides, slow and steady is my middle name. who needs speed?
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