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so I've caught a mild cold that has stolen one running day from me thus far. tomorrow will be the day it confirms itself as my first official cold in years, or as a just a gum-size wad of needles stuck in my throat. and since I am taking today off and making my one-day non-running streak in to a two-day non-running streak, I thought I should do something useful.

I'd like to ask anyone who is still reading these rants their opinion on something. I still haven't signed up for a race but I have dwindled down my options.

See Jane Run is a half marathon in Alameda (boo / yay) with views of San Francisco from along the trail (yay). It's flat (yay), it's women's only (yay), there is a section of the race right in front of the Oakland Airport (boo).

The American River Parkway Half Marathon is in Sacramento (definite boo). The trail looks really pretty (yay), flat (yay), live music along the course (yay) and their race t-shirts for women are CUT for women (yay). And, I want to hug whoever wrote the text for their website.

please vote.
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