trooper my butt

3 days before my 10k and I think I'm getting sick. there has been someone at work who has been phlegm coughing and spitting at his desk for weeks but, still came in to work illusioned by the fact he thought he was being a trooper. well, how about NEGLIGENT. everyone who's cubicle he has coughed in is now feeling the consequences of a "trooper".
not only do I now fear pushing through my 10k with a thick cough but also being stuck on a plane and on my short vacation to NY with the trooper sickness.
well, whether this turns in to the real thing or just a minor inconvenience I plan on most certainly running my race this Saturday. unless I achieve flu status by then, I will be up and running.
I am taking today off of exercise as my body is beginning soreness and in combination with the weird stuff going on in my head, a bowl of soup from Whole Foods sounds too good to be true right now.
my challenge for tomorrow?
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