i think i'll be ok

so thanks to the Super Bowl and me not wanting to watch it but then changing my mind, I wasn't able to run my Lark Ave. run this past weekend. that made me a little scared about my upcoming 10k. so yesterday, I ran with a friend over at the hilly Rancho San Antonio again. we got in a little under 3 miles but it was very easy. thus today, I have a renewed faith in my body and the 10k that is in 4 days. I will go to my spinning class today which always gives me a good challenge as well as a good sweat, and then push myself on a 4.5 mile run tomorrow. with a shorter run on Thursday just for good measure. and a nice pleasant bowl of angel hair on Friday night.

leading right up to my bright and early 6.2 miles Saturday morning. the longest run I've done recently was about 4.8 miles. as much as I would have liked to get in a 10k distance at some point prior to my 10k race, most training programs don't encourage that, and I believe that knowing I can put back 4.8 will help greatly when pushing for 6.2.

that and remembering what Aly, Bryon, and Mitch have all told me and helped me with so much over the past couple of months. I'll get through it.

here is the basic route I ran yesterday.. just subtract half a mile and it is accurate.

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