my first

I finally feel like I have sacrificed something for someone else. And not in a volunteer "I did a good deed" kind of way. Actually it stings a little bit for me because had I known what I was really doing, I might not have done it.

You see, I bought this truck back on September 10, 2001 (yes, 9/10). It was a family event really - my dad and grandpa joined me (as well as my unfortunate-life-experience ex-boyfriend). I wanted a manual Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab TRD. One problem, I didn't know how to drive stick. So everyone else drove it and approved. Decision made. A couple weeks later I got my pink slip. Fantastic. I owned something at age 20.

I learned to drive a stick on my truck but don't worry, I did it well and didn't ruin anything. I decided to call it Ruby.. but after discovering the balls, changed it to George. George and I went everywhere together. I loved the fact he could only hold 2 people comfortably because I never had to drive a load of people everywhere. I didn't know a load of people anyway so it was ok.. I got a lot of solo driving in, as well as time to memorize all of my CD's through the awesome stock speakers and practice my vocals. I could listen to the same song as many damn times as I wanted to because no one else was with me to complain. And George didn't care.

I drove through puddles too large for wimpy vehicles; over curbs; mud; gravel; spun on slippery cement; slow trekked on very large rocks; got scared on windy days when I imagined being rolled over by a gust; threw mountain bikes in the bed; moved couches and beds; took muddy soccer balls to practice. I took him to the dealer for every service trip for the first 4 years. Bought flashy zebra seat covers to keep his interior superior.

He brought me to college, to soccer, to my husband, to Yosemite, to San Diego, and lots of other places. And now I sold him. For a Nissan Xterra that I am sharing with my husband. I realize once you are married, these kind of these belong to both of you but, this is my first time with this. And it sucks it had to be with my truck vs. something else I don't know what. I passed over my pink slip two days ago. The slip I've had for almost 7 years. And it was really hard. And now I don't have a 'baby' anymore. Other than my clothes, I have nothing else now that is 'mine'.

I guess this is just one of the steps with getting used to marriage.
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