give thanks to highway 85

Hey! I know you... haven't seen you in a long time. What's up.

I've been hiding in my hermit crab of an apartment away from rain and wind and chill and friends and life. I haven't even gone to the grocery store. And since my husband never shops for groceries, beer and water is the extent of our refridgeration adventures right now. It's like Survivor in our apartment. That canned dog food is starting to sound good.

If you are wondering about my running status, I put away 4.75 miles yesterday. And 2.5 the day before. I've earned my tall nonfat white chocolate mocha with no whip. But I know my weaknesses and still fight them every second of my sleep. The slightest incline, wind friction, drinking fountains that are too far too see... they haunt me. But I know I have a few people rooting for me. And they seem to know I can do it and I'm starting to finally believe them.

I have a 10K coming up in less than two weeks and I am actually looking forward to it. ! You see, as I mentioned, I ran 4.75 miles yesterday but you have to know that I did that after a week of doing only spinning at the gym. I wasn't even running during the week and I still managed to get the most mileage in Kathleen history. Once I invest in a handy dandy running water bottle container, I will be good to go.

The first time I set out to do this 4.75 distance was actually a couple of weeks ago. Aly and I met up early in the morning and we headed out on the Campbell trail. I have this mental thing that shuts down my lungs once I pass a point I've never passed before. And that's what happened here. Every corner we turned, I searched for my landmark. Highway 85. I have to get to 85 before I can turn around... but alas, nowhere in sight. I was beginning to wonder if it even existed anymore. Finally we turned a corner and all I saw was a hill. (when I say hill, I mean tiny little bunker. possibly the equivalent of 8 steps) So I told Aly "Time to turn around!". Fuck the hill.

So this time I was determined. I was going to 85 or the reconstruction of it since I didn't see it last time, and giving it a big hug. When we turned that corner and I saw that hill I just looked down - maybe if I can't see the hill, I won't feel it. And low and behold, after conquering the bunker, there, suspended in golden air in the sunrise with angels was 85. I couldn't believe it. And I really didn't. It wasn't until I went home and redid my calculations on google maps that I could confirm that was in fact 85.


Next stop? Lark Ave.

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