Run for the Ring

on Saturday February 9th, if anyone wants to find me at 9am I will be at the Campbell Park standing at the starting line of a 10k race ready to soil my shorts. if they plan on shooting off a gun, I'll have to remember to wear a diaper.

if I follow my half marathon training schedule, I should be more than ready for a 10k by February 9th. what I won't be ready for will be the waves of nerves and nausea. the restless sea of the churning stomach. at the sound of upchuck, start your engines! I almost want to arrange for myself a fake race. gather some friends and family at my starting and ending point. decorate them with a deck of cards, a camera, a dog, and something to go CRACK. and then think of them for the next hour while I chug through the trail.

come to think of it, that's an excellent idea. now all I need is a cause.

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