2009's belongings

thank you 2009.
it was a fun year. but days wouldn't be worth the breath if the page wasn't flipped.
thus I flip it - and I flip it good.
...a round of applause for '09...

Flight of the Conchords show in Oakland
my nose next to very strange face paintings
friends that got engaged (finally!)

my cousin in another musical

oddly phallic things
cooking experiments
restored photos of my Nana
a picture of me getting locked in a porta' potty that resembles the restored photo of my Nana. a 30th birthday in Las Vegas
my best friend got engaged a hard core Halloween performance a very cold trip to Tennessee new camera equipment28th birthday in Napa
a bachelorette party in Las Vegas
and several other events that are necessary to keep stored away in a private place.

in other news...
...I am celebrating the last seconds of 2009 in Tahoe. I am leaving in approximately 12 hours. 9 of which I want to sleep through. and I have not packed one itty bitty thing.
...note for 2010: less procrastination. not NONE. just LESS.
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