I survived Tennessee.
now where's my bumper sticker?

I was expecting a small town featuring antiques, beef jerky, cigars, homemade candies, hikes, trees and leaves. but I saw traffic, Ripley's Believe It or Not wax museums (several), go karting, miniature golfing, half-off ziplining (after sitting through an hour of time share information), pancake houses, white people, and swastikas.
I don't think I will be back for a while.

thank goodness I will be home for Christmas. living in a city that has just elected an asian, gay 26 year old male. where grocery stores aren't referred to as "Food City". I can find prosciutto and dried figs. hikes are driving minutes away from me. and alcohol is more conveniently priced.
I love home.

in other news...
...December... love the weather, dislike the stress.
...a tall chai tea at 7pm will keep me awake for approximately 12 hours.
...being so sore from a workout that it takes 1 minute 30 seconds just to sit on a toilet is still 'good' right?
...I challenge you to a game of
horseshoes... and present to you, Tennessee (*look for hidden alligator):

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