Christmas in my life

a belated Merry Christmas to all my blog readers!! I hope you had a fantastic holiday. I managed to keep myself busy with my day job while simultaneously eating the cheese dip I made for all the parties I attended. normally that would qualify as part of a vacation's luxuries however, let me just tell you - I can't wait to get back to the office to help regulate my body.
average time I find myself heading to bed? 2am
average time I find myself waking up? 9am (or 12pm - but that was only once!)
average number of times I have been to the gym during the break? once.
9-6 schedule... please come back soon!
my family had the very usual holiday. my mom bit off more than she could chew with an elaborate menu and thus, overcooked the meat. my dad has more mood swings that a room full of PMSing high schoolers. and I rushed around desperately trying to keep wine glasses full (or at least just mine).
but no one can deny how fun it is to unwrap mysteries. everyone seemed to enjoy what I got them... which makes me super happy because I felt very uncreative this year with my gift-giving. and I love all of my gifts! thank you family and friends : )
and now that Christmas 2009 is over, we move swiftly in to 2010.
what are you doing for the New Year?
we will be in Tahoe with a large group of people... bodies strewn about the cabin... people rotating in and out of beds and on floors... multiple trips up the mountain... crossing my figners in hopes that none of my bones will be broken afterward. however you end up celebrating 2010, have fun! but please be wise.
in other news, wearing pajamas all day...
...saves water used in doing laundry
...makes one very white since you can't leave the house
...has given me ample time to discover and become addicted to new music
...is creating quite the coffee withdrawal. can someone drop off a tall soy latte at my front door please?
I present to you, my drunken family Christmas photos:
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