Rochelle & Kevin

today I ran ~ almost ~ as fast as I could down a hill. almost because, it was a busy street. and really - who wants to fall in front of that many people? not me.
but that half-risk I took made me forget about everything else. it may just have been for a couple minutes but - no matter. a couple minutes of free. blank. nothing is wrong. hard. difficult. complicated. there are no lists of obligations. things to complete. to-do's. priorities. deadlines.
and then I hit my uphill. my indoors. my desk. time to chug along with a clean palette.

I am behind on a lot these days. so in an attempt to make more things like a fast downhill, let me tell you a story.

I met Rochelle and Kevin at a coffee shop in Aptos - I guess I really met Rochelle at her sister's wedding in the summer of '10 but didn't get to talking very much.
they were so amazingly adorable over coffee. when one would leave the table to order food or fetch some more napkins, the other would secretly fill me in on something he / she didn't want the other to hear. I learned that Kevin was a perfectionist and that he really really loved converse. I also learned that Rochelle was all about family - she loves her daughters, her sisters, her mom and everyone that Kevin was bringing in to the mix. they were both so giggley-excited about their upcoming wedding... it was a little contagious.

when their day finally arrived, I couldn't be more happy to meet the entire family... and of course, Rochelle's two girls - who walked her arm-in-arm down the aisle and gave her away to Kevin. so.. SO cute.

so congratulations Rochelle and Kevin - your wedding day was a beautiful one! and may you have happy days for the rest of your years!!

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