swingy mood


is woof spelled backwards.

26 days till Christmas. but - who's counting. not me! I just did it right now to make it seem like I was.
so did you cash in on Black Friday? avoid getting trampled? travel to WalMart with mace in your pocket and Mase in your stereo? finally get Sleeping Beauty on DVD - restored, recolored, remastered, recast for just $1.99? sure - it's in Japanese but YOU are a multitasker: entertaining and educating at the SAME TIME.

you hero you.

me? I am not your heroic sidekick - I withdraw from society on Black Friday. the Black in my Black Friday stands for how dark I can make my blanket tent. it is my way of saving you all from being trampled by these powerful cankles of mine.

in other news...
...127 Hours conquered. and no - I didn't pass out.
...the best thing to do when it is 34 degrees at 7:30am? run a 10k in a ridiculous costume of course. where 'the claw' makes it's awful appearance yet again.
...think I couldn't possibly fit another linkage in this blog? think again.

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