Easter Candy = Best Candy

the Oscars. that point in the year where I wonder, why the foosball did I only see ParaNorman?

needless to say, I experienced zero winnings in any and all Oscar bets.

completely unrelated to that...
recently I was chosen to be a Wellness Ambassador at my place of employment. what does that mean? good question. I will get back to you on that once I find out. until then, I have been collecting handy nutritional facts from places I have been visiting. also? I have consumed a lot of Easter candy - let's not leak that information to the Wellness Ambassador committee shall we?
as of now, I know I get a T-shirt. I also know my co-worker is letting me boss him around during our workouts now that I am 'official' (unofficially). but in return, he is telling me everything that he thinks is wrong with the gym.
no, I will not be able to get another wall built.
no, I will not be able to demand the runners on the treadmills stop because they are too loud.
no, I will not combine the locker rooms in to one giant co-ed one.

because it is late, I am tired, cranky, emotional, my legs hurt from running, my back is cramping, and my butt is going numb from sitting on this ground... this is getting wrapped up like a loose burrito at Taco Bell (poorly).

my dog remembering he had a stuffed squirrel in the apartment

green Calaveras Rd.

me holding a medal while drunk in a public space

a horrible way to start a memoir.

 in other news...
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