inside out and back loop

Valentine's Day... is when I pretend my expectations are low low LOW... but when those expectations are met, I'm sad sad SAD.
DUMB. I suppose my thinking needs an alteration.
luckily it is also my dog's birthday - happy #6 my #1 pooper! I purchased some sweet swag from Target and turned him in to a chihuahua/beagle/pug GANGsta... whaWHAAAT. he also got a long leisurely walk at his own pace (not a good idea if the HUMAN needs to pee) and roasted chicken in his dinner bowl.

I am excited to see what he has planned for MY birthday.

the following weekend was made awesome by some good friends and a beautiful atmosphere.. and possibly some amazing Indian food. : D

my friends Ricky and Alex met up to go out and back on Calaveras Rd. with me.
Ricky and I exchanged South Park impressions while Alex laughed and contributed a stellar Butters.
I finally got to check out the Water Temple at the hwy. 84 turnaround point.
the extra long driveway gave the impression it was going to be cooler than it was but nonetheless, my curiosity has been fulfilled (and it didn't kill me so, that's a plus).

when you get up the steps by the pillars and look down, it appears to be some sort of bath house with small tiles in which a naked Russian mobster is slicking back his hair with tattoo-covered arms when 2 more naked Russians strut in with knives and then a naked fight ensues and things flop every which way and then the 2 attackers get beat to a naked pulp and the naked bad-ass weiner - I mean - winner, looks up at us cyclist visitors and Ricky gives him a thumbs up and we leave.

it was pretty amazeballs.

the trek was amazing and included rolling green hills, birds singing, ground squirrels tossing rocks in my path, etc.

it felt good to breathe.

the next day I joined my buddy Rai for a ride up Sierra Rd.

the route starts the same as the Calaveras trek but then splits in a different direction that gets some higher grades while being a shorter overall distance.

the views are just as wonderful but include more homes *correction, more EXPENSIVE homes.
surely there are several CEOs in those mountains. everyone owns at least 4 horses, 5 sheep (or goats - same difference), 3 free-range chickens, and a minion to roll the garbage cans down the mile-long driveway to the curb every week.

360 video...

thank GOODNESS for winter apparel... I kept my leg warmers on the entire time and removed my windbreaker for the middle segment only to quickly toss it back on before making a 40mph descent after the climb.

Rai is still figuring out the best windbreaker / leg warmer / arm warmer combination during his rides and usually ends up removing, putting on, removing the same item several times - but all that extra time works in my benefit... allowing me to catch up and pretend like I am not tired.
"What's wrong with you? Why did you stop?"
(ie. I hope you put something on inside-out so that I have more time to rest)

in other news...
...is it wrong to enjoy the smell of new tires on my Xterra every time I drive it?
...butterfinger hearts. thanks mom : D
...I am not sure what is worse: unknowingly wearing my underwear inside-out, or realizing this mid-day and not fixing it.
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