Mt. Weekend

what month is it again?

this morning, whilst yawning and farting in bed (yes, simultaneously) I remembered I had promised a friend I would accompany him on providing a tour to a visitor at our work establishment.

in an hour.

Romeo was not too pleased with his rushed short walk but you know what? I am the bread-winner. and the bacon-bringer-homer. so he can shove it (while I pray he doesn't poop on my pillow - at least not until I return home).

the brevity of the tour made me realize just how sad my work site is, but also how much of an advocate I am for it. it is small, unspectacular, without fountains, void of free items (except crappy coffee that is always cold), and cubicles smaller than most hotel restrooms. but the parking is covered, the gym EXISTS, and I can walk in the park during lunch if I so choose.
that seems like a pretty simple recipe for happy if you ask me.

being able to find more post-its somewhere would be nice but, first-world problems you know?


if you have not noticed, biking entries have dwindled. two major bike rides are right around the corner yet time has held me ransom to only gym running and lifting, daytime parties, and squats in my kitchen. I have done some hills during the week after work but, at this point? anything less than 50 miles does not count.
therefore I am amping myself up for an unachievable upcoming weekend goal.
Friday? Mt. Diablo
Saturday? Mt. Tam
Sunday? Mt. Hamilton

in other news...
...my butt quivers simply thinking of the total elevation climb coming its way
...pull-ups are my new gym-enemy. gynemy. gymemy. engymemy.
...suppositories are not as bad as they sound
...at the dog park today, I made Romeo give me a high-5 every time he ran to me. good game Rome
...what is your favorite congratulatory food? I will combine them all Sunday night for dinner before I pass out on my plate.

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