Happy Hamilton to me!

this week's task?
leaving a dried nail polish crumb trail everywhere I go.
so far so good.

I recently turned 32 (shh - don't tell myself), and was pleasantly spoiled by the people I love and like. the flowers were tossed in the garbage just yesterday but my stack of cards still sits on my counter to remind myself how lucky I am.
maybe getting older is not that bad.

part of the day-of-birth festivities involved a group trek up Mt. Hamilton... my 4th time but for 2 of my buddies, it was their 1st. it was a nice feeling seeing people show up... tires pumped, body caffeinated, sunblock applied, nerves jittered - all for me (sort of).

we started off in chatty song - admiring the homes and goats and dog obstacle courses OH MY. roosters cock-a-doddle-dooed but were a bit tardy for the party. 10am is no time to doodle-doo if you ask me.

a few breaks were in order as our newest cyclist was sans padded shorts. we made sure to talk about his butt as much as we could. that acts as encouragement, right?

it was a very popular serious (my whole outfit is skin-tight and matches) cyclist day - I credit the weather. clear skies, warm sun, not summer... it doesn't get more perfect. moods were high and happy as we counted down the miles to the top. other cyclists paused to talk about the weather and what we were all training for - several were also doing the Death Ride this July so we instantly had lots to share.

after about 14 miles, Mt. Hamilton runs out of safe spots to pull over as a group. shade becomes sparse and the road narrows so, we separated. as usual, Rai's steroids kicked in and he flew to the top. John and I stuck together so I could yell insults at him every time we turned another switch back. Kian's unpadded soft spot continued further back whilst soaking up every ounce of shade he could. his sunburn was getting sunburned.

a content AND LARGE rattlesnake was coiled up in the center of the road. while that worked as a motivator to increase speed, it also increased worry for Kian's well-being. then I remembered the fame a snake brought to Britney, and I knew Kian would be okay.

Rai remembered how much I dislike being shouted at from the top as he relaxed and I continued to grunt my way up a steep incline so, he politely - and silently - waved at me like the Queen.

once John arrived, we basked in the sun and swung our feet while looking out for Kian to make sure he wasn't 1. sunburned in to human jerky or 2. swallowed by a snake.

luckily, he was alright (and now ready to invest in real biker shorts).

it was a pretty amazing day spent with a few of my favorite people.
in other news...
...nail polish remover is a luxury. but a useful luxury.
...during my dog's final 'poop' walk late last night, he decided to leisurely sniff everything. being impatient, I told him sternly "you can't shit out of your face!" while that is in fact accurate, that is not the most sane thing to be saying in the middle of the night. to a dog.
...Mt. Tam. my thighs burn for you already.
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