January's Jupiter

did anyone else notice how clear the sky was last week?
(before, you know.. the clouds and rain came to town)

the stars were CRISP... considering I was viewing them from my own eyeballs-minus-telescope in a light-polluted suburb. there was an especially bright planet near the moon which... after confirming with my Sky Map app... I discovered I had *accurately guessed it was Jupiter

inspired by that, my Dr. Who-infested evenings, and insomnia... I opened my Sky Map app last night while waiting for sleep. sometimes I imagine how different it would be living in a city... like San Francisco or New York. where having a car is a hardship; living spaces are smaller; one-way streets are everywhere.

then I see the stars.
what's SAN franCISco?? LOOK out there! it is fascinating. completely different. an endless amount of wonder and curiosity that goes beyond any unfamiliar street or losing-of-sleep. I roll over in bed to see what people on the other side of the world have above them.

Neptune, Mercury, the Sun... and a Capricornus that looks like Romeo doing yoga.

silly Romeo.

in other news...
...LED street lights will be installed in San Jose. they will NOT contribute more to light pollution (yay).
...luge. or as I like to call it, HOLY SHIT!!
...I KNEW Bob Costas had poop in his eye. I DON'T know that vodka will help with that...

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