"you dress terribly"

my coworker leaves fashion magazines on my desk when I am not around. I can take a hint.

so in an attempt to better my work appearance, I decided to pick 2 'looks' out of the magazines. after plucking apart my closet and wondering why I still have this 5-year-old-sleeves-are-slightly-too-short turtleneck... I THINK I found a few things.

likewise, after back-to-back skirt-wearing days, I rushed home to throw on my Levi's, grab a 6-pack of Marzen, and eat a pizza. (almost turned in to a girl there)

in other news...
...nylon. first produced for a toothbrush. then for women's legs. amazing how much more comfortable the toothbrush is.
...you know what is a bad idea? farting in a closet.

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