apples and carrots and vitamins oh my

my body needs a nutritional make-over.
last week I decided to take a nutrition 'test' of sorts that my hospital hosted for me online. they told me I need to eat more fruits and vegetables. luckily, the test did not cost me anything other than an hour of my life.... all to be told something my mom's been telling me for years.
eating vegetables is an easy thing for me as I love decorating my salads with color and variety. fruit, however, is like trying to get me to admit I'm wrong about something. I will not do it. unless an orange can be injected in to me through my skin, while I lay asleep, it just won't happen.
so I bought some apples with the hope that I would eat them while driving to work. a portable breakfast, that just happens to have loads of fiber and nutrition. and on 3 different days throughout the past week, I choked down an apple. woe is me.
my mom passed along some Weight Watcher information as well. this whole Point system has me wondering why people think it's so wonderful. I'm a competitive person and in MY book, the more points the better. more points means I am WINNING!!
this mentality does not work in Weight Watchers Point system which preaches that the lesser the amount of points the better. this is a game I don't want to play. I don't even want to watch it on TV, on a rainy day, when all the other channels are out due to lightening.
nonetheless, I have avoided the chocolate tray (major POINTs right there) in my neighbor's cube for the past hour (lunch time was a different story). I have been picturing those little shell-shaped chocolates and their praline butter fillings taped to my butt... I have also, in moments of desperation, sprayed my mouth with Listerine PocketMist in order to deter myself from throwing chocolate down the hatch. and here I sit, with no chocolated inhaled within the past 2 hours.
it's been a rough day. time to go buy some more apples.
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