late birds eat waffles

the month of May has delivered to me a wide array of emotions that leave me anxiously awaiting July. because June will be spent burying May's happenings deep in to my brain right behind my Nana but right before physic formulas.
and so, for the sake of an early burial, let's move along.

I will be partaking in a 5k tomorrow morning. I would say "another" 5k but the one last weekend was horribly, tragically miscalculated by individuals who did not pass basic mathematics. 5 kilometers is not equal to 2.68 miles. get it straight. I want $5.23 back.
tomorrow's race is in Los Gatos at Vasona which at first I thought "wonderful. its close proximity will lighten the burden of an early awakening that morning." I was wrong. it is the earliest race I have partaken in thus far. 8am.
calm your laughter. 8am translates to a 6:45am wake up time. which is very early for a bird who dislikes worms.

my legs have not pushed me through 3.1 miles in a couple of days but an unfamiliar feeling tells me I will be fine tomorrow. I have logged only a little over 5 running miles for this week with some time spent doing other exercises at the gym. but something tells me I'll be alright.

until next time.
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