any day but today

tis Monday.
sometimes a Wednesday may feel like a Tuesday. or a Friday may seem like a Thursday. but if Monday ever feels like any other day, you know you're screwed. my thinking is this...
Monday can never feel like a Sunday or Saturday because one doesn't come in to the office on Saturday or Sunday. and if Monday ever feels like Tuesday or Wednesday, then you really know you're fucked. because it's going to be a long week.

but today is Monday. and it feels like a Monday to me. so irritating and just plain wrong.
it's one of those days where leaving the building at 5pm will feel like leaving school on the last day before summer. I'll zip open my bag while running to my car and let my laptop and all the papers and pens just flop to the ground as I make the 50 yard dash to my driver's seat and burn rubber out of the parking lot.
and then I'll come back in the morning. because I'm crazy like that.

what is it like to love one's job? do you have the same 'last day of school before summer' feeling when leaving your home to COME to work I wonder?
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