renting roots

in two weeks I will have new walls. new floors. new ceiling. new seat to pee in to.

my husband and I are finally renting a house. apartment life will officially end for us on August 8th. and I cannot wait to make a dozen fresh cookies for my neighbor. cool an apple pie on the window sill. plant a garden outside my kitchen window. hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling.

the only communication I have experienced in my years of apartment living have been walking to the neighbors' place at 2am to tell them to turn their TV down. going downstairs to tell the chinese lady she doesn't need to scream at her son that loud as it is disturbing in both a noise level and psychotic way. and sneaking up to our neighbors above us to see if they really do have pet elephants.

my hopes are high for the 'house' people.
why hello there stranger.

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