chocolate is for snacking

the weekend went by like a gasp of emergency air. so much, in such little time.
I have been on a mission at home that my weekend festivities played havoc with. In an effort to walk up and down stairs less, I will eat as much food as possible. how does this work? we're moving. the massive adventure begins Sunday morning and I refuse to transport bags of food in addition to the buttload of boxes that will be packed and ready to go by then. food is meant to be eaten. not moved.
and thus, I will finally finish off those boxes of frozen EATING RIGHT healthy waffles for breakfast; cans of EATING RIGHT healthy soups; bag of frozen vegetables that's been waiting for me for who knows how long. hm. I am starting to see a theme here.
maybe I should only purchase ice cream and chocolate. I always seem to go right through those.
speaking of chocolate, every coworker of mine has run out of it in their sharing bowls. and the one girl that has some, keeps the bowl in an unreachable spot. this banana I brought is looking tastier and tastier simply for the sheer enjoyment of eating something at this point. damn these afternoon munchies.

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