popping pills

my mom told me this afternoon "oh by the way, your dad threw up on the golf course yesterday and went to the doctor this morning".
ok. well can you give me more information than that?
my dad is a big hefty guy. he is at least 6'3 and weighs probably about 285 right now. he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 13 years ago. he is 54 years old. his dad passed away at a young age (somewhere in his 50's) and he also had diabetes, and was overweight. he had a heart attack in his sleep.
and all of that information runs through my head every time I hear about my dad having a new problem.
lately I have noticed that his medicine cabinet is accumulating pills. he's got pills for high blood pressure. pills for back pain. pills for his diabetes. pills for crap I don't even know about because my parents don't tell me. it turns out he up-chucked yesterday because of the vicodin he took for his back pain that morning..... which is caused by the extra weight which also brought on the diabetes and the high blood pressure. so now he has oxycodone for his back pain which is supposedly a super-duper killer of pain. and about a year and a half ago he stepped on a nail but didn't feel it because his feet are numb and his foot has still not fully healed from that.
what's next???

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