easy does it

my EASY button has been overworked recently.

it isn't a real EASY button... but rather a homemade one - which makes it more special - made from a push button light. as much as I keep turning it on and off, on and off, on and off, nothing gets easier. in fact, I get a little thumb cramp so I guess that makes things harder.

the screening in San Francisco last night for my crew's film Discmen was optimistic! people laughed evenly throughout the entire 6 minutes of which I found myself slightly sweaty with heart racing. but at least they enjoyed themselves.

my photo shoots for the month of June are coming to an end... I have one more next week that involves a long drive, delicious food and some wine. but the two I had deadlines for are now complete and done! the new investment in the 85mm lens is treating me well thus far. I couldn't be happier with the clarity and the blur it provided me for the family shots I took this past weekend. it was a great location accompanied by a happy baby!

in other news...
...I am still overdue for a shower. please keep your distance.
...San Francisco smells of urine. ew.
...why is it so hard to just say no to coffee???

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