wake up. got outta bed. dragged a comb across my head.

I am in dire need of something early.

my dog has been waking me up with either his snoring, restlessness, need to pee, or body heat for about two weeks now.. and it's always at an uncomfortable early. the kind of early where you could accept the fact that you are awake and do something good for yourself (like a workout of some sort) or continue to lay there awake with eyes closed for the next couple of hours.
I tend to chose the later.
so screw it. I will accept his invitation to be awake tomorrow and do something with it.

my husband and I are leaving for LA in a couple of days for the LA film festival. we are really looking forward to laying out at the pool at the W with cocktails in hand... not to mention our dinner at Michael Mina's XIV Saturday night. where else can you find a $110 Japanese A5 Strip Loin on the menu?

in other news...
...water does not make me feel full. people who say that it will are bonkers.
...finding hidden music on my pc that I thought did not successfully download months ago is.. AAWWESOME
...late night snacking has been kicked in the budd.. by me.
...mid-day snacking has yet to be rid of.

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