care for another sugar cube? now let's scuttlebutt.

dinner was served on a table carrying a crying gerbera daisy - its face frowning at the ground despite the yum lasagne mit kase and Table Mountain Sauvignon Blanc I presented to it.
fine. be sad. but keep it to yourself... stupid daisy.

maybe the walls within the Residenz Museum would have cheered the gerbera
up. we toured the socks off of the Museum and Treasury today with audio guides in hand... but the place is so large, and so full of information that I eventually just started holding my guide up to my ear with nothing playing while I breezed through room after room.

it really was... too much. but worth the money.

coming in at #3... ?
seeing the amount of damage World War II caused to the building.
the areas where repairs have been made were either extremely noticeable or pointed out by the museum. at one point Nick looked at me and said "wow. Hit
ler really f-ed up"

the amount of gold everywhere.
whether it be the inlay on the walls, or within the desk made of marble, or the bed frame that was never even slept in but simply there for showing off. everywhere.

the hall of rooms that were used for welcoming guests.
there is a room for an initial greeting, which connects to a room used for
standing and socializing, which connects to a room for sitting and light banter, then another for tea and scuttlebutt, then another for... sigh. it goes on and on. I had no idea there were so many steps involved for greeting visitors - no wonder my friends leave my parties so early - I have no tea and scuttlebutt room!

walking through 90+ rooms in the museum and disguising me sitting in all the chairs to rest my old legs as me being so intrigued by the paintings on the walls, I was gerbera-daisy-sad to discover all the clothing shops in Munich are closed on Sundays. instead of working, the locals were busy throwing frisbees, walking dogs, playing the guitar, sleeping, drinking beer, riding bicycles, and surfing in the Englischer Garden by the university.
super cool ja??

all we need is a walk-through
of the BMW factory in the morning and then BAM... Munchen ist getan.

in other news...
...I miss my dog.
...only 1 request from my readers? really?!

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