munchens and ponchos. but not munchens IN ponchos.

Munchen no longer brings thoughts of little kids and small adults to my mind. hooray for that.
because frankly, those kinds of munchens make me uncomfortable. sometimes.
rather - as of now - Munchen makes me think of BMW and that awesome 1987
bitte nicht beruhren red M3 in their museum, the tastey yoghurt mit muesli and honey I had for breakfast, the 1972 Olympics and the fact that Olympians stayed in this very same hotel, the uber-easy subway system that spits me out in to the German-heavy city center, and a 5 person street band drawing an audience of 63.5 people (there was 1 munchen).
with the exception of one saleswoman being entirely rude to me in a shoe store, iheartMunchen.

the BMW Welt, Museum, and factory are just 10 minutes of slow-walking-because-my-feet-hurt-so-damn-bad away. after about 2 hours of loitering about the BMW Welt building we realized we were not in the actual museum (trust me - it's an easy thing to overlook) so once we had seen far too many new BMW customers be united with their new vehicle fresh from the factory across the strasse, we headed to the museum.
and let me tell you, there is absolutely no way for me to put that place in to words... so I am hoping my photos will do it for me.

what I can say though is how interesting I found the motorcycle history to be. if you recall, BMWs were the main motorcycles used by the Germany army (duh)... and then? nazis. but the word "nazi" wasn't mentioned ONCE. sure, I understand why they wouldn't want to but, it's history. and I think the word is a little desensitized anyway since it is spray-painted on so many walls over here.
after explaining that BMW was forced to make a motorcycle specifically for army use, they shut down the factory - then the time-line didn't pick up until after the war was over. whew.
in addition, when BMW decided to change up their motorcycles and create something ..lighter.. they did so by switching to aluminum and magnesium components... whereas their competitors simply used their same old materials but drilled a bunch of holes in them. : |

I guess if I really wanted to lose some weight I could just chop off my cankle.

in summary, the BMW experience showcased technology and history in art form.

in other news...
...to go back and buy that M-series hat or not to go back and buy that M-series hat. that is the question.
..."I don't know if I can get it all in but - I can get some of it in." - Nick when trying to take a photo of the BMW Welt building with the 50mm lens.
...maybe I should have taken the fluorescent orange MARRIOT'S GREAT AMERICA poncho that my dad had offered me because this clear one I borrowed from him instead looks like a giant condom. which makes me look like a...
: |

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