french. I don't get it.

of the 2 nights I have spent in France I have had Italian food twice, Belgium beverages four times and French fries?
neh. nein. and not ever.

which is sort of the opposite issue I had in Bruges. where soup - for my non-speaking english, german, french throat - was non-existent after 2pm but fries with 99 different sauces was as common as a Ford with a gun rack in Texas.
oh Bruges... and your airy wafles (served only at certain cafes between the hours of 2:15 and 4:30 in the afternoon). you make everything so beautifully complicated but in the end, I still like you. the 48 hour beer festival that I missed 24 hours of thanks to me sleeping in the hotel due to my sickness was a dream come true (once I was awake from my sick napping).

I spent a majority of my time tapping my toes at the Trappist beer booth waiting for people to get out of my American female way.
and after snatching up as many cardboard beer coasters as possible, I ran off with my friends to have the bestest half a roasted chicken that I have ever had and that wasn't because of all the beer I had beforehand either. it. was. GOOD.
exit Bruges, Belgium. arrive Strasburg, France...
where all the stores close at 6 and restaurants don't open for dinner until 7 which leaves exactly 1 hour for happiness.
a Rochefort at pub number 1 and a Cuvee at pub number 2 can only be answered by a vegetarian pizza for dinner.

in other news...
...so many churches so little time.
...am I the only one that sees an issue with a jewish man leaving a contribution for a catholic cathedral?
...4 weeks of no-gyming means at least 8 weeks of gyming to get back in shape. : |
...olympic triathlon = 0.9 mile swim; 26 mile bike; 6.2 mile run. hmmmm.

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