spreck ou eng els?

Germany made me sick. literally.

after we missed out on the morning BMW factory tour in Munich, we (well, I) did some more shopping amongst the lunch crowd before racing off to Stuttgart. and man - there is nothing there.

ok ok. Porsche is there. and maybe Mercedes. but seriously - I can only take 5 hours of car history and facts and strolling about aimlessly. plus, Stuttgart is where we made the mistake of falling asleep with the window ajar. hence no voice 2 days later. secretly I think my traveling companion is a little happy about this.

after Stuttgart was Koln. which proved to be equally... uneventful. the Kolner Dom was uber cool though (claims to have the bones from the 3 wise men... riiiight) but our hotel room smelled of old invisible trash and we were stuck eating dinner at McDonald's where we dodged the stinky homeless people like pacmen from ghosts. sigh.

but hey - I now have new boots and Laserkraft 3D on MTV... in Amsterdammit!! not bad.

thus far since parading in to Amsterdam we have visited a pub (a real one... with lots of rapist - I mean - trappist beer), went to the photography Museum called FOAM, walked through the Heineken brewery and sent a video of us singing in dutch to 2 lovely companions of ours, saw two women working in the red light district (and not successfully), and bought a tram ticket to get on the metro. oops.

other than being slightly chaotic and confusing, Amsterdam is also dirty.
and I'm not just referring to the windows either. the ground.. the garbage.. the canals. ok - I guess garbage is always dirty no matter where you are. but it is especially dirty here.. I can just tell. reminds me of certain San Franciscan corners that I avoid. if Amsterdam was void of everything that makes it Amsterdammish, it would be absolutely beautiful... but then it wouldn't be uniquely entertaining.

tomorrow? Breda.

in other news...
...kids have tantrums in Europe too. but they're not as annoying since I can't understand them. high 5.
...the dutch take bicycling very extremely hardcorely seriously. SO very extremely hardcorely seriously that they get their own red and green lights at every intersection.

...Dear Casey & Laura, pop art and Dave Matthews look-a-like below. enjoy! xo
...I love it when photos accidentally make me look like I'm peeing like a man.

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