5 second rule

WELL, SOUP ISN'T HARD TO MAKE - said my uncle after I proudly remarked on my excellent first attempt at Chicken Tortilla Soup.

no offense taken. after all, this is the guy that cooks bacon-wrapped mango-and-jalapeno-stuffed duck breast for the NFC championship game (imagine what he would cook for the Super Bowl).
he is my 'family chef' idol.

besides, the soup was for my sick boyfriend who dislikes the typical chicken-soup-for-sick-people remedy... so, if learning something new (albeit 'easy') will make him sound like he is not dying then I am all for it.

in other news...
...Richard Sherman's nickname should be: No Human's Hero.
...yesterday I spent an hour making my parents' kitchen QUIETER. seems like an odd way to spend a vacation hour now that I think about it.
...so, I asked my boyfriend to feed my dog...

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