John wears pants

1. cleanliness
2. wrinkle-level
3. amount of dog hair

my criteria for dressing for work is not complicated. in fact, it takes me longer to squeeze in to a biking spandex outfit than it does for me to assemble a few pieces for my average work day.

(I think I just took a stab at my own fashion sense and put-togetherness. BURN... to myself.)

a close friend and co-worker of mine spends much more time fine-tuning his appearance and it always gives me a reason to trip in to his cube and see what's on the 'menu'. my admiration for his looks has made me more aware of my clothing purchases so that I can spend the same little time I normally take getting dressed, but look better (even if just by a fraction. or a dog hair).

in other news...
...there is no better way to get me biking-motivated than to tell me some lady stole my QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN ranking on Strava. you're going down woman!!!
...everyone else is feeling better, and I have now absorbed the sickness and resemblance of Smeagol
...3 bike rides and 1 triathlon are on the 2014 horizon thus far. mmm I smell sunscreen!

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