who threw up in the kitchen???


we are 14 days in and the stupidest thing I have done thus far is step in dog poop.
and then gum.
in new running shoes.
not bad actually.

oh wait - I did write a check to sixty eight dollars instead of Maria Lindenmuth.

a friend this year emailed me his 2014 resolutions - all cycling related. I admired the strategy of making it public to friends who would hold him to it. fortunate (or unfortunate) for him, I am no where near his speed and / or strength to even KNOW how he does with them. but do not fret friend! I will STILL SUPPORT YOU (from several miles back, or possibly even from bed).

I picked a resolution out of a jar (really, I did) and got WRITE A PRISONER A LETTER (www.writeaprisoner.com).
it is not a BAD idea I suppose. so long as I do not have to include my measurements and / or address.
(or a shiv)

do you have a resolution?

in other news...
...I love it when my router is broken because it was accidentally unplugged (whew! major meltdown averted)
...a brown candle looks a lot like the chocolate milk I just poured myself. however it does NOT, taste the same.
...why do dogs always vomit at 4am?

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