dog magnet

my car was hit by a dog.

you read it right.

my Romeo was in a fit of excitement over an unexpected visit from his buddy Bolt (you know, the dog who is constantly being chased by his owner around the apartment complex). Romeo and Bolt danced together in a tight annoying circle, sniffing butts and faces until I told Rome ENOUGH. GET IN THE CAR.

well, remember those game shows where a contestant gets to pick 1 of 2 doors - one has a convertible behind it and the other has a year's supply of oatmeal?
Rome picked the oatmeal.

the car door that had been open 2 minutes ago was now shut and his attempt to show-off his jumping skills by getting in the car without looking led to him propelling his little body straight in to my Xterra's steel.


Bolt and his owner shyly withdrew.

luckily Rome was okay. his heart raced while I held him and inspected his head, nose, teeth, gums, chest, and paws. my dad observed him for the remainder of the day and assured me via text ROMEO LOVES BARKING AT THE ROOFERS. good boy!

my steel now shows tiny scratches from tiny paws. a badge that proudly states THIS CAR IS OWNED BY A TRIATHLETE AND HER SMALL AND RARELY STUPID DOG.

in other news...
...time to start peeing on your plants (or fires). we are officially having a drought!
...is facebook really that important that we are inventing cars to drive on their own?
...I know I am watching too much Dr. Who when I start trying to recreate the Tardis sound several times a day.

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