brain rot

word of the week?
I have found myself either running outdoors or sweating in the gym 5 days this week. thinking I might have endometriosis? 2 days. singing Justin Timberlake in my head? 4 days. up way too late? 4 days. snoozing my alarm 5 times in a row? 4 days. forgetting where I am going while driving? every day of my life.

in spite of it all I have managed to end up with some happy products of my lunacy. a family portrait session with a friend and a buddy needing photos of his personal training sessions for his up and coming website have kept the left side of my brain occupied while my right side just.. well, rots.

in other news...
...owning a dog that needs to take a shit at 2am is very inconvenient.
...if one goes to a high school football game to feel like one is young again, remember to not wear a sweatshirt that says STATE CUP SOCCER 1996.
...I knew Madonna wasn't British.


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