Monday began with me ordering a sall toy latte. but I ended up getting a tall soy latte. what were they thinking.

Sunol Wilderness was the hiking location of choice this past weekend. after climbing uphill for 1.5 miles we enjoyed views of mountains, vultures, and bull testees. that's right. bulls, cows, and calves decorated the downhill of the mountain. Nick reminded us to run in circles if they decided to attack... "thats what rodeo clowns do and they seem to be ok most of the time". I, however, knew I would be ok - all I had to do was stay away from the guy wearing the bright red shirt (that would be Nick).
after surviving the run in with the bulls, I charged my battery and mentally prepared myself to make my parents look like they were in love again.
in other news...
...'salads' from Chipotle are not salads. and I am never having one again.
...it is possible for food to fall from one's mouth and in to one's shoe.. while it's on one's foot.
...if you have lost your favorite brown tight long-sleeved shirt, check under your bed. because that's where they go.
...how does a photo turn out while trying to take one of a scarey bull without making eye contact?
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