yesterday a woman on a run in Prescott AZ was attacked by a rabid fox that decided to latch on to her arm and camp out for a while. 'a while' being the mile distance between her and her car - which she ran to with her new decorative accessory in tow.
after prying it off of her arm, she tossed it in her trunk and drove to the hospital. they were able to test the fox to show it was in fact rabid and then proceed to give the woman the proper medical care.

while I am now re-thinking my outdoor adventure runs at the local natural preserve, I also am in awe at the stupidity level of the animal control officer who, when told there was a crazy and possible rabid fox in the trunk of the car, opened the trunk and also was attacked.

um, preventative measure maybe?

in other news...
...I am all for letting animals stretch before I eat them but, come on. marriage between all sorts of couples is a bigger right to fight for than that.
...oh boy o bama.
...running shorts are so much shorter when everyone else is wearing pants.
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