this week's reward same as next week's

8 miles of running and an hour's worth of cycling is what I've put up for this week. it is deceiving how a little distance every day can actually add up to something that sounds decent. at least for me.

all the weight on that leg press I lifted this week as well as all those single leg squats made my run yesterday a little difficult. I was expecting my left bum to explode in to a hernia at any moment. but I ended up surviving. I need to remember that. no matter how hard things may feel, I'm going to live through it.

so tonight is a night of leisure. it will involve a trip to pick up a bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve, as well as the TOP PICKS music channel on Direct TV, and dance moves. I recommend everyone take this combination at least once a month.

in other news...
...annoying people are less annoying the further away they are.
...Kids who have lived on the same Block for 15 years are no longer New.
...my dog loves me AND my dance moves. and that's all that matters.

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