pants? CHECK

sometimes I leave the bathroom at work feeling like I forgot to put my pants back on despite the fact I never took them off in the first place. but nonetheless, the first 20 foot walk out of the bathroom back to my desk feels like an OH SHIT I FORGOT MY PANTS kind of walk.
just another something to get used to I guess.

I ventured outside today for my first solo, outdoor, rainy, new neighborhood run. I would also consider it another SCREW THIS WATCH run as well as a IS THAT POOP OR A WET LEAF? run. my brain couldn't stop calculating where to go next, which side of the street was safer, which streets were better lit, and how long would it take my husband to find my body if something happened to me right now.

don't get me wrong. our street is safe. it's the streets that aren't ours that make my heart race. but I made it home ok and my dog was anxiously waiting my return.

in other news...
...I miss Napa. and really great expensive food.
...only buy Halloween candy that you dislike. like those nasty almond joy's. because no one ever goes trick-or-treating anymore. no matter what the weather is, OR the day of the week.
...a 20lb dog is able to leave no room for a single human being on a queen size mattress if he / she so wishes.
...watching leaves break off tiny limbs and dwindle to the ground by way of wind, rain, or even simple weight is like hearing my grandma hum me a song as I fight sleep 25 years ago.
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