she kissed it

today my best friend turns 28 years old. ahh.. I remember when she was 11. long, red, permed hair flying down the soccer field. those were the days.

I made a comment earlier about hittin' the ice.. with skates, not butts. and because we're skating buddies, that's what we will be doing this weekend in order to celebrate her 28th year. I had a brief brilliant idea that her and I should dress up like ourselves from 1993... sharks jerseys, LEE's jeans, headbands, big dopey glasses (for me) and then skate around, maybe kiss the sharks bench in secret, and take some photos. but then I realized I have worked so hard for this highlighted hair, lasik eye surgery, and expensive looking cheap clothes that I really would like to look good and trendy whenever possible. she has grown her perm out and I KNOW has no interest in looking back.
so we will revisit our old days in new clothes and better hair.

happy birthday amy : )

in other news...
...today deserves to be beaten with a large wooden bat. and then a chain saw. and then one of those weed wacker things the grim reaper holds. and then a pumpkin carver. and then a hammer.
...it may appear to be the season requiring a very large wool jacket but alas, it is not. yet.
...frozen pacific cod is better off being used as a stinky paper weight rather than a meal. ick.
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