ball wacking

it has been an odd couple of days. thank goodness for The Moon is Down. with it, I can keep my peace.

tennis has been my most recent addition in sports exploration. I should stick to soccer to say the least but new experiences make me laugh at myself. and laugh hard. and that's a most excellent set of muscles to work.
in the middle of my tennis rally with my running buddy, I decided to punish myself every time I hit the ball in the net by doing 5 pushups. the good thing about this was that the more tired I got, the more accurate I was wacking my balls. (heh) the bad thing about this was that I got tired.
seems like a fair trade-off.

in other news...
...camels sleep 2 out of every 24 hours. it's true.
...there is a science to tennis balls and their ball firmness and ball fuzziness.
...one should not run with eyes closed on a treadmill.. even IF someone on television does it.
...someone always sees you trip.. even if you can't see them.

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