Food & Wine & Twenty Nine

my husband turned 29 yesterday. happy 30-1 nicky!
I took Friday off in order to prepare for it.. running around here and there the entire day until it was time to fall asleep. then I spent my entire day yesterday in the kitchen getting ready to feed somewhere between 11 and 22 people (RSVPing is always appreciated!).

4 layer yummy dip
- 1 can vegetarian fat free refried beans
- low fat sour cream
- cheese
- tomatoes

- 2 baguettes
- olive oil, garlic salt, oregano, parsley all mixed
- parmesan shavings
- basil leaves
- tomatoes
brush baguette slices with olive oil mixture and top with a couple pieces of parmesan. broil until cheese melts and looks pretty, delicious, and pretty delicious. top with a basil leaf, and tomato slice.

italian kabobs
- fresh mozzarella
- basil leaves
- cherry tomatoes
- balsamic vinegar
kabob 1 tomato, 1 basil leaf, and 1 mozzarella block. line kabobs up on platter and sprinkle vinegar on top.

- thin chicken breasts sliced in to mouth size bits
- lime juice, olive oil, fresh parsley, fresh oregano, italian herbs, garlic all mixed for marinade
marinate chicken for up to 8 hours. can throw on kabobs or just pan fry.

- make husband do the sausage

strawberries and dip
- phone a friend

cut up bell peppers with hummus
- self explanatory

veggie platter
- phone another friend

chips and salsa
- make husband make the salsa

burnt almond cake
- la patisserie

pigs in a blanket
- friend's surprise contribution!

after doing all that, saying "you're 2 years older than me now!" to my husband and several glasses of wine is my reward. happy birthday nick. 364 days till 30.
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