sweat a pint and call me in the morning

being tired 6 days in a row makes one grumpy and delusional.

finally getting a good night's sleep last night however, allowed me to wake up early this morning with much less eyeball and head pain. this is good : ) drove to a local trail with some friends and took off on a hike that started off easy.. until I announced "wow, this is eeeeasy!" then we turned the corner to find layers and layers of switch-backs up the side of a mountain. oops.
every time I thought we were almost at the top, we weren't. it was a very sweaty and 'can't speak' hike. but oh so wonderful. after the switch-backs, the hike opened up to be tree-free and full of vistas. some hills here and there but for the most part we were headed down...
with the exception of the scattered berry-filled deer droppings and stacks of horse poop on the trail, this is my favorite hike. the views are superb, and you can feel like you're in the middle of nowhere... with no buildings in sight.

remedy for sleep deprived, grumpy, delusional people?
a 6 mile hike in solitude.
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